Flat Recreational
All wheels level and the same size. This is usually the default for skates and provides a lot of stability and speed.

Rockered Recreational/Hockey
The front and rear wheels of each skate are raised slightly from the ground giving a rocking motion to the frame. This increases manoeuverability, allowing sharper turns and faster front-back transitions but suffers from a decrease in stability and speed because of the smaller surface area in contact with the ground. The latest trend is to only rocker the front wheels to imitate ice-skates more. Stability is increased and transitions using the ball of your foot are unaffected.

Flat Aggressive
Using small wheels enables space on your frame for grinds and having them all level increases the stability although speed is greatly reduced because of the size of the wheels.

Rockered Aggressive
The loss in stability and grinding space on your frames is partly compensated by the indcreases manoeuverability. Used by some vert skaters to improve their transitions.

Anti Rockered Aggressive
The best setup for street skating; the tiny wheels in the centre give good grinding lock-ons while the larger wheels give more speed and comfort with jumps.

Flat Rocker
Still provides enough grinding room and is faster than anti-rocker due to more wheels in contact with the ground. The plus side is that the stability of the skates is improved.