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Majestic 13-12 White.Reviewer
I have been riding for almost 15 years now and have tried about every skate and skate combination that comes to mind, and although every skate has its bonus points, not many can claim to have that something extra that differs from all the others. Proven by the fact that these skates have been ridden by all of the very best original riders. They combine exceptional durability, beauty in looks, a gorgeous sweet spot on the h-block when boning your foot deep over, a very comfy inner boot, sweet Gold ABEC 3 Terminator Bearings, some classic senate Davy Kollasch wheels combined with the standard screw on soul plates, space for crank straps, rockering... in other words... bad-man! The only minor flaw is there is no negative soul space, but bearing in mind these boots are the original oldskool, you can forgive them for being a bit behind todays more modern boots. All the same you can pick these up for a nip now and they will provide you with many happy times rolling. Peace out to the whole crew, Mr Clarke himself, the legend Chris Edwards and especially my good man Bryan Bell. Ride hard.Rob (Former semi-pro sk8ter of Roces company).  

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