Jumping 360 Degrees
1.   The first thing to remember when jumping on skates is that you must jump straight up and not forwards - you need to let your momentum carry you forward rather than the jump. If you remember only one thing, then this is it!

2. To prime yourself for the jump, crouch down and wind your torso in the opposite direction to that you wish to spin in. You may want to practice without going forwards first just to be happy you can jump 360 degrees with your skates on at all!.

3. Jump straight up, bringing your knees up as high as you can as well as unwinding your body so that you spin 360 degrees in the air.

4. When you land, you should bend your knees and keep your skates apart to gain stability as well as your arms out for balance.

5. You may find it easier jumping from a height (e.g. a curb) to help you get the full 360 degrees. I'd also recommend getting well padded up since falling while spinning can be pretty painful! Once you get comfortable you can start experimenting with all your usual tricks while in mid-air .

6. Check out the movie here for a good example

Article provided by: JD