Learning to Kerb Grind
Now you've got your skates and are happy on them, you want to try some kerb grinds. This is only one particular way out of many to learn how - but this is what worked for me..

First find a suitable kerb or step with some smooth tarmac leading up to it.

Roll up to the kerb and stop yourself with one skate by jamming the space between your centre wheels against the edge. Push yourself back and repeat a few times.

Now try this again but after jamming your skate, raise your other skate up and down again before pushing off.

Next thing to try is getting your other skate up on the kerb and balancing there for a few seconds.

Now you need to jump on the edge with both skates at the same time. I remember this looking like a big step when I first learnt, but you'll be surprised how easy it is. Try this a few times, widening the space between your skates each time.

All you have to do now is change the angle of your initial roll up. Try coming in from 45 degrees and jumping up. There will come a point with the right speed and angle when you will finally achieve your first grind! From here on you can experiment as much as you like.